NEW ORLEANS - Members of a New Orleans family say they’re lucky to be alive after gun fire broke out and bullets ripped through the walls of their home around 1 a.m. Monday.

Dillion Barone and his older brother had just stepped outside their home in New Orleans' Marlyville neighborhood when gunfire erupted. 

"My big brother, he was on his way to the kitchen. I told him, to come out with me and keep me company while I smoke a cigarette and not 30 seconds later a bullet ripped through the kitchen,” Barone said. 

Another bullet shot through a window where Barone's grandma typically sits. 

"Thinking about it now it sends a chill down my spine,” Barone said. “When it comes to my grandparents I get pretty serious over them." 

No one was hit when the shots rang out. Barone says more than 40 rounds were fired. The family says violence is taking over the neighborhood. 

"Crime wasn't as bad when I first came here but slowly but surely it got bad and now I'd say every couple days they got a good shooting going on around the corner,” Barone said. 

Now those shootings are coming into the home on Dart Street. 

"It came right through them blinds, clean through the house,” Barone said. 

Police say at this time they don't have any suspects or motives. As Barone waits for more answers, he’s taking safety into his own hands. 

"I need to buy a better security system,” Barone said. 

Police say the incident is being investigated as criminal damage to property. They say no one was injured in the shooting.