METAIRIE, La. – Two days after an armed robbery, the victim of a burglary recalled the scary moments when his girlfriend was shot during a home invasion.

"I was just looking at them I couldn't see their faces and asked them what they were doing," said the victim, who only wanted to be identified as Brandon.

Within seconds of spotting the men in his driveway on Oaklawn Drive, Brandon knew he was in trouble.

"When they both looked up I saw the masks on their face, I tried to hurry up and close my door, but they forced the door open," he said.

Brandon said the men had guns, and told he and his roommates to get on the ground, but Brandon's girlfriend ran out the back door and down the street.

One of the men who was standing outside shot her.

"Right after that happened somebody banged on my door," Brandon said.

That commotion scared the two men inside. That's when Brandon said made a dash for the door.

"The other two that were in my house they ran out my back door, jumped the fence," he said.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office released a surveillance photo from another home in the area, and said it's believed the group had been scoping out the area.

"Neighbors say it's a safe neighborhood but they've heard stories and they are always on the lookout for suspicious activity," he said.

Still, this is it for Brandon. He said like some of his neighbors, he's moving.