NEW ORLEANS - Eyewitness News has obtained video showing the would-be attacker and victim moments before Wednesday's attack.

"I knew nothing about the incident, but I got a call from NOPD asking if they could come over and have a look at my video camera," said a French Quarter resident whose camera caught the victim and suspect before the beating. He did not want to be identified.

The resident says around 5:30 p.m. is the first time the two can be seen walking down Governor Nicholls. They walk towards Charters Street until they're out of view. Twenty minutes later we see the suspect run back down Governor Nicholls.

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"There's always lots of traffic both on Decatur and on Governor Nicholls," he said.

It all happened in broad daylight, and at least one bicyclist tried to chase down the suspect.

Meanwhile, as Eyewitness News retraced what happened, the owner of Angeli's told us he had seen the suspect around for a couple of days, wearing the same exact thing he saw on the photo police released.

While the suspect has yet to be caught, one neighbor says others can help by checking their cameras to see if they captured anything, not just for this case, but for other incidents.

"Don't be quiet share your information, share your video, help them catch these people and we'll get rid of them and show them that they just need to go away."