NEW ORLEANS -- It's what Ray Jackson didn't see on Dec. 20 that surprised him.

"I came out of work, my bike was gone," Jackson said.

A surveillance camera captured the bike thief taking a street sign off it's post and then lifting Jackson's bike off it.

"It looked pretty obvious to me that all he had to do was spin it off with his hands," Jackson said. "So it was something that probably was set up ahead of time."

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Jackson says he got a little too comfortable with the spot he had been parking in for the past few months and he let his guard down.

"I didn't lock it through the wheel, I just locked it through the sign post which I should know is not a good way lock a bike," he said.

He wants his misfortune to be a warning to others.

"I wouldn't even lock my bike up to a tree," Weston McWhorter said.

He runs Roule, a bike shop and cafe. McWhorter tells his customers, the days of just locking your bike up and thinking it's safe are over.

"I think the thing that always surprises me is how cool the thieves are, they kind of just stand there and wait for the opportunity," he said.

McWhorter recommends bicyclists use a lock, such as a U-lock, or chain to wrap through the frame and to make sure it's secured to something that can't be taken apart or sawed off.

"The key features are that it's bolted to the ground," he said.

Others who saw the video say, they're not surprised, but there's an important lesson.

"The biggest thing is that if it can be stolen off the bike, assume that it will be stolen from the bike," Robert Warren, a bicyclist, warned.