NEW ORLEANS- As one suspect in a vicious French Quarter beating and robbery turns himself in, another disturbing video is emerging, this time it's a separate attack on St. Charles Avenue.

The attack took place in the early morning hours on Saturday. Just like French Quarter beating case, the victim was punched in the head from behind.

Chris Meyer's family owns Meyer the Hatter on St. Charles Avenue. His friend who works at the po'boy restaurant across the street alerted him to a recent attack.

"He said they noticed blood in front of their shop," Meyer said.

Curious, Meyer looked at his store's surveillance video and noticed the attack was also caught on his video.

"He's coming right behind him. He doesn't see it coming," Meyer said, describing the video.

Around 4 a.m. Saturday, a man in a red shirt walks down the street when a man with a black shirt and jeans runs up from behind, smacking him in the right side of his head. The victim staggers and falls. The victim then gets up with the attacker continuously punching him. The man makes his way across the street with the suspect following behind him

"It's right off of Canal Street, the busiest street in the city. And it's right there off of French Quarter. So it's like troubling to see that right in front of your doorstep, pretty much," Meyer said.

Just hours after this attack, another brutal crime occurred in the French Quarter.

Around 9 p.m., Saturday night in the 200 block of Bienville Street, two tourists were walking back to their hotel when a group of men rushed them from behind, hitting both of them in the head. The attack left one of the victims in critical condition.

21-year-old Dejaun Paul was taken into custody for the Bienville Street robbery. The NOPD is still looking for three other men responsible. Right now, it is unclear whether the St. Charles and French Quarter beatings were committed by the same people.

"We have investigators working on everything that happens in the city right now. It's always collaboration and open lines of communication to try and assess what's related and what's not related," NOPD Superintendent Harrison said.

Meyer worries these attacks could give some of the city's most famous locations a bad reputation.

"These are popular streets that everybody's on. And to have it happen, just makes you wonder if you're safe or not. You know, anything can happen," Meyer said.

Both the Bienville robbery and the beating on St. Charles Avenue are under investigation at this time.

A spokesperson for New Orleans Police said Tuesday that the victim in the St. Charles Avenue attack has not contacted police about being robbed at the location.

"However, given the severity of the video, Eighth District officers are working to identify the subject and investigate the incident," NOPD said.

Anyone with information about either attack is asked to contact New Orleans Police at 504-658-6080.