NEW ORLEANS -- A green, four door sedan pulls up to the corner of Allen and North Rocheblave in New Orleans, a man jumps out and fires a handgun. Surveillance video shows the shooter fire once, hitting another man in the leg before the gun jams and the shooter speeds away from the scene.

Wednesday's gunfire outside Richard's grocery store is the fifth shooting in this 7th Ward neighborhood over past four weeks.

Neighbors are disgusted and afraid.

"The fact that it did happen in the middle of the day, it does put a whole different terror on the situation," neighbor Ryan Brumfield said.

"I got kids ... I don't want them to get shot or get killed by things going on in the neighborhood that's not being stopped," neighbor Gary R. Mackie said. "We need to get this stopped ASAP."

Eyewitness News Crime Analyst Jeff Asher researched the uptick in violence and based on police records, he said there have been nine shootings within a half-mile radius of Allen and North Rocheblave over the past ten weeks, 25 so far this year and 58 since the start of 2016.

About 40 percent of the shootings resulted in a homicide.

"This is one area of the city where you're looking at six, seven, eight percent of all of the shootings citywide happening in just a half-mile circle," Asher said.

NOPD Supt. Michael Harrison said the department has identified that section of the 7th Ward as a crime hotspot. He added the department has assigned additional resources to the area to step up enforcement there.

"It's going to be the use of police officers, the use of overtime and straight time with police officers physical presence and certainly it going to be the use of other officers around the department who work in different capacities working to help," Harrison said.

Police are now investigating to determine whether any of the crimes are connected.

"There could be new people who have moved into the area that are feuding with people who have some history there and have been there for a while," Harrison said. "It could be territorial fights. It could be gangs. It could be retaliations, it could be all of the above."

Neighbors hope police can tap down the violence, sooner than later.

"Parents don't feel safe to let their children go outside," Brumfield said.

"The bullet has no name," Mackie said. "They fly everywhere. My grandchild could have been sitting in his bed and got shot, just by the incident going on around the corner. That's not good."

If you have any information about any of the 7th Ward shootings, police urge you to call Crimestoppers at 504- 822-1111.