NEW ORLEANS - A fight outside of a bar on the edge of the French Quarter led to a shooting early Wednesday morning, according to New Orleans police. They say it happened around 5:30 a.m. in the 500 block of Esplanade Avenue.

"Usually when you call someone, they come and break it up and move them on but before that it's a fight that takes place but it might turn into a hug because they don't even know what they're doing," says Michael Dardant, who lives across the street from Checkpoint Charlie.

Shots rang out at Checkpoint Charlie early Wednesday morning. New Orleans police say a man was involved in an argument before being shot from behind by a group of males.

"It's concerning. Friends come to visit me all the time because of where I live and we hang out, so to me, it's a big deal," says Christopher Enamoradl, who lives near the bar.

Claudia Boyle, the manager at Checkpoint Charlie, says a female bartender is recovering after being punched. She says the bartender went outside to try to get rid of a man with drugs. That man punched the woman in the face and then he was shot in the back. Neighbors say the corner of Esplanade and Decatur is always loud, but not usually this violent.

"It's always very jolly, very happy. Of course, things are going to happen when you have booze and adults involved but never have I seen something escalate to the point where weapons were involved and someone got shot. It's alarming to me," says Christopher.

New Orleans police have not released any information about a suspect in the shooting. They also do not know the condition of the man who was shot.