NEW ORLEANS -- Despite recent high-profile cases, police say crime is down in the French Quarter. Residents, however, say they're still keeping an eye out.

"Simple robberies are down 42 percent, armed robberies are down 45 percent, shootings are down 57 percent," NOPD Eighth District Commander Nicholas Gernon said. "We're seeing substantial decreases in all crimes across the board."

Gernon says surveillance cameras are one way they're making the quarter safer. Wednesday, NOPD officers arrested 34-year-old Travis Castell for attempted armed robbery after residents were able to identify him from surveillance video.

"It's extremely helpful and you saw how clear that video was," Gernon said. "It does help the public know who we're looking for and a lot of times someone will know these people."

Residents who live and work in the French Quarter say the increase in security cameras have given them some peace of mind.

"There's cameras everywhere, if you're committing a crime it's going to be on a camera here in this city," Denise Germer said.

They're still taking precautions though. Brandon Bergman walks to work through the French Quarter every day.

"When I'm having my coffee I'll read that there was an altercation or a robbery," Bergman said.

He thinks about the threat of violence constantly. He says it seems like every morning there's a new story about a violent incident in the neighborhood.

"Even if they were to say crime in the French Quarter was completely obliterated I'd still be suspicious," Bergman said.

Other residents agreed.

"I even listen when I'm going down the street for people walking behind me and about every half block I look behind me," Geoffrey Philabaum said. "I know it's sad you have to do that."

Police hope that with crime going down, this sense of fear will follow.

Editors Note: This story has been updated to reflect the correct percentage of shootings this year, according to NOPD.