Prosecutors in Orleans Parish are asking a judge to reconsider her ruling that a man accused of killing a New Orleans Police officer was incompetent for trial.

Last week, 35-year-old Travis Boys was deemed incompetent to stand trial after he smeared feces on his face during jury selection of his trial.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, Boys made a phone call to a woman from jail hours after the ruling. Prosecutors argue that the conversation suggests that Boys was faking mental illness during the jury selection.

During the call, Boys and the woman talk about their relationship, her relatives, and his prospects. Boys is married to another woman who claims in a 911 call that Boys shot at her, which led to his arrest in 2015. Boys’ wife filed for divorce this year.

Boys’ defense team says the call shows his intellectual disability, mental illness and his inability to understand legal proceedings.

The Louisiana Supreme Court denied a request to review the judge’s decision over the weekend. Prosecutors plan to ask the judge to reconsider Boys’ incompetency Monday.