Deputies in St. James Parish are investigating a fight at an annual Christmas Eve bonfire that left two teens hurt.

The teen's family claims the attack was racially motivated.

According to the Advocate, St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin Jr. says his deputies are still trying to gather details about what happened at the bonfire in Gramercy. The mothers of two black teens say their sons were attacked by a group of white males after a white female spoke to another black male with their sons.

La'Quesha Scott, 34, and Lahoma Dumas, 38, said their sons, who are cousins, went to the bonfire in Gramercy with a group of friends.

“I wasn't there,” Dumas told the Advocate, “but I'm going off what all of them told me. They all have the same story, so…”

Scott shared photos of Dumas' son on Facebook Wednesday showing severe injuries to his eyes, cheeks, scalp, and ears. Scott claims her nephew was hit with a bottle several times and knocked unconscious. She added her 15-year-old son suffered a sprained knee in the fight.

Scott told the Advocate that she reported the incident first with the Gramercy Police Department but followed up with the St. James Sheriff's Office days later. She said authorities have been provided names of three of the alleged attackers.

Sheriff Martin has assigned a juvenile deputy to the case and is working with the Gramercy Police Department for more information. Martin said the Gramercy police responded to a reported fight at the event but were unable to find anyone there.

"Based on what the parents told us, we're obviously going to take it and start digging into it," Martin said.

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