NEW ORLEANS -- Homeowners in the Lake Carmel subdivision say several break-ins have happened in their neighborhood and police are not investigating.

"We have nothing. We don't have patrol cars," says Ronald Walker, Vice President of the Eastern New Orleans Homeowners Association.

Ronald Walker said his subdivision in New Orleans East is having problems with break-ins, both home and auto. But, the most frustrating part for him and his neighbors is police response. They said police aren't doing anything to help them, even when the crime is caught on camera.

"We have people on camera getting into cars. We can't even get police out here to view the videos," says Walker, 69 years old.

Others agree.

"Lots of thefts. They want to take a report over the phone. They never show up, period. It's just a waste of time thinking they're going to come out," says Wayne Brown, who has lived in the area since 2003.

Residents said there have been at least 10 break-ins within the last few weeks and nothing is being done about it.

"It's frustrating," said Brown. "They stole my iPod, they stole my son's karate bag. You just feel violated."

Homeowners think a police presence would help.

"Drive through occasionally. High visibility a lot of times deters crimes. I don't know why they seem to forget about the east but we're decent people," said Brown.

This subdivision also has private security but they are not on patrol overnight and neighbors said that's when these problems are happening.

Police said home surveillance video was never submitted to them. They also said just because an officer doesn't show up right away doesn't mean it's not under investigation.

NOPD released this statement:

The NOPD is committed to investigating every crime reported to us, and to keeping our citizens and their property safe--- in every district, and in every neighborhood.

To date, there has been only one auto burglary reported in the Lake Carmel Subdivision, and that incident is under investigation. We encourage residents to file a report of any suspected criminal activity, and to speak with our officers about their concerns. Officers in the 7th District are available to take a report by phone from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., and log every crime reported.”

Here are the NOPD’s safety tips to help avoid car break-ins and thefts:

1. Lock the doors

2. Close windows and sunroofs

3. Don’t leave valuables such as laptops, cell phones, wallets, purses or GPS devices in plain view

4. Put away the garage door opener and any items with personal information

5. Move valuables to the trunk before reaching your destination

6. Don’t leave keys in the vehicle