NEW ORLEANS - Alessia Filetti says she was home when a woman walked on her front porch in St. Roch and tried to steal a package that was delivered.

"It took me three minutes to put the baby in the walker and open the door," Filetti said.

When she opened her front door, Filetti found a stranger going through her packages that were just delivered.

"She grabbed the envelope and tried to conceal it and I saw it right away and said, 'this is mine too," and I snatched it from her hand and she just walked back to where she came from; no care in the world," Filetti said. "I thought here we go again, someone is following the UPS truck. this already happened before, luckily not to me, but to other neighbors."

Package thieves aren’t just hitting the St. Roch neighborhood, they’re hitting the entire metro area.

In Uptown, a suspect rode a bike up to a house, loaded a bag up with boxes and took off. In the Irish Channel, was a similar scene-- packages stolen off a porch.

NOPD says this is something we have to deal with, especially during the holiday season.

"When these cases do happen, our detectives are aggressively following up on these cases and if you’re riding around stealing packages, we’re going to come get you. We’re going to catch you and you’re going to go to jail," said New Orleans Police Deputy Chief Paul Noel.

"This is just people taking everything they can," Filetti said.

Often times those thieves are taking away from those most excited about the holiday.

"Christmas gifts this time of year, you almost always rob a child of a gift," Filetti said. "I don’t even know what to say because it’s so bad."