NEW ORLEANS -- It's back to school season, and one teacher had planned on filling his classroom with the supplies his students may need, but a car burglary in Mid-City left him scrambling to get ready for the first day of class.

When Josh Capdeville walked out to his car near Ulloa and Carrollton this morning, he found his car had been ransacked.

"Noticed that my car door was open and that the weather stripping on the side had been pulled off," Capdeville said. "And everything was gone."

The break-in happened at some point overnight, but this crime affects more people than just Capdeville.

"The reason why this is particularly disheartening to me is that all of those items were meant for my students in school," he said. "Whoever did this didn't just steal from me, they stole from seventh graders."

Capdeville is a science teacher in New Orleans East.

He had loaded up his car Thursday night with school supplies, intending to wake up early for his first day back on campus; he thought nothing inside looked enticing.

"Lamps, and rugs and things like that," he said.

In total, he estimates it was worth about $300. He's working to replace it all, but again it's coming out of his own pocket. It's a struggle, but he says his students have so little.

"Just the resources that they have are absolutely lacking; I mean things like a playground, things like sidewalks," he said.

Neighbors near Capdeville's home say criminals are ruthless. Within the last four weeks, according to NOPD, there was a car theft and two assaults.

"I had some Christmas presents for my mom, and they just took my bag," said Christopher Pruitt, a neighbor.

"Terrible fact of life in New Orleans at this time I'm afraid," said Scott Jackson, a visitor who used to live in the neighborhood.

It's a tough situation for Capdeville right now, but he vows it will not affect his students.

"That's something that I cannot let happen, and I refuse to let it happen," he said.

If you would like to help, click on this link to Josh Capdeville's Go Fund Me Page. He's hoping to raise $300.