COVINGTON, La. -- The trial for a man accused of killing his father and 2-year-old half-sister has begun.

Both the prosecution and defense began their opening statements by warning the jury that this will be a very graphic and disturbing case involving a two-year-old girl who was murdered as she lay sleeping next to her father.

Jacob Middleton Jr. was 17 when police said he killed his father, Jacob Middleton Sr., and his half-sister Makayla.

"Evidence will show the defendant fired two shots -- one went through his father's head and one went through his half sister's head," the prosecution said. "Disturbing."

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The state says evidence against Middleton Jr. includes license plate scanners that show his car going back and forth across the causeway before and after the murders as well as gunshot residue found on Middleton Jr.'s t-shirt and the steering wheel of his car.

Photos also show Middleton Jr. at an ATM attempting to withdraw money using his father's debit card, according to the prosecution.

Middleton Jr.'s defense attorney focused on the police's interrogation of Middleton. The defense pointed out that three hours of their client's interrogation were never recorded and there's no way to know what was said. The defense also claims that a detective took Middleton Jr. for a walk in the woods. There's no way to know what happened during that walk according to the defense, but Middleton Jr. was visibly shaken when he returned and confessed to murder soon after.

The defense also pointed out that there was no DNA or blood evidence found on Middleton Jr.'s clothes or car despite the fact that the crime scene was covered in blood.

"If any of you have a single reasonable doubt which I'm sure you will, do the right thing, do the just thing and return a not guilty verdict," the defense said to jurors at the end of their opening statement.

Makayla's mother took the stand to testify after both sides delivered their opening statements.

Eyewitness News will continue to follow this trial as it develops.