NEW ORLEANS -- Cars are stolen practically everyday in New Orleans, but this truck was special.

It's the truck, so many of the boys in Son of a Saint recognize as a symbol of hope.  An F-150 Ford truck with license plate, MENTORS.  With it gone, the group's leaders are worried.

"The vehicle was parked right around here," said Bivian "Sonny" Lee. "It had the Son of a Saint decals on it."

Lee, the founder and director of the Son of a Saint program, showed Eyewitness News the spot where it was last parked, near N. White and Belle Chasse Wednesday afternoon. 

"It takes us away from the current boys that we have in the program, literally every moment is crucial for us with the boys," Lee said.

The Son of a Saint is a local non-profit program which helps provide mentorship and guidance to fatherless boys around the New Orleans area.

The truck was used to transport equipment for activities, as well as to pick up supplies and donations, and most importantly, transport the mentees in the program. 

Because the truck was gone, this Thursday the non-profit was unable to pick-up one of its students who has been going through hardships.

"Tiny things like that," said Lauren Darnell, Son of a Saint's Partnership Director. "Cause you know a truck like that, we put the truck down sit on the truck have a conversation, have a chat, eat some crawfish it's a really nice way to bond."

That could mean all the difference for teens who lack role models or parental guidance. 

Lee told us New Orleans Police spotted the truck yesterday in the Desire area with three young men inside.

"I'm more worried about the boys being in a chase with the NOPD having a gun and one of them getting shot or a police officer getting shot," Lee said.

Police were able to detain a person who jumped out, but the other two rode off. 

"And I can almost bet that if it was young men who stole this vehicle, they had a lack of guidance," said Lee.

As word has spread that someone stole the truck, there's been an outpouring of support.

"And then it was spotted on around Franklin Avenue St Claude area at around 4:15," Lee added.

Unfortunately, the truck has yet to be returned.  And for Son of a Saint leaders, it's yet again, something that has been taken away from those who need it most. 

If you spot the truck, again the license plate says MENTORS, and are urged to call the police.