NEW ORLEANS -- Students in the Uptown campus area said they're concerned after a female student was kidnapped.

Police said shortly after 4:30 Sunday morning, a female Tulane student was walking near the corner of Freret and Broadway streets when a silver car pulled up and the driver forced the woman into his car saying that he had a gun.

“I mean this is such a prime part of campus," said a male Tulane student walking along Broadway Street. "So many people live right here. So it’s definitely very close to home literally, it’s very concerning.”

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Investigators said the suspect drove off telling the student that he thought she was a prostitute and demanded sex. According to police reports, the woman told the driver she was a college student and begged the suspect to bring her back to campus.

“I think it’s scary because we can all put ourselves in her shoes," said another student. "I know in my experience I’ve definitely walked down here alone around that time, and so it is scary because it can be anyone.”

Investigators said after reaching I-10 and Causeway, the suspect turned around and brought the woman to the 8200 block of Willow Street where he dropped her off.

“Please don’t be by yourself at 4:30 in the morning," said Caroline Camp, a Tulane student. "Spend that one or two dollars for an Uber or a Lyft ride, call a friend if you need. (It) definitely isn’t that girl's fault, but we need to be aware that there are guys out there and it’s a reality we need to be careful about.”

One student said it was the first time she'd acted after getting the campus alert.

“It was the first time that I’d actually did something after getting the alert," Helen Robins said. "I downloaded one of the apps that the school has that’s like a virtual guardian. I was really freaked out, I texted my parents.”

Anyone with information about this kidnapping is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.