NEW ORLEANS – Anguished and tearful victims of a New Orleans man who went on a horrific 24-hour crime spree last year testified in court Monday as he was sentenced to a total of 54 years in prison.

The deal with Euric Cain for a 50-year sentence covered the charges in an attempted murder of a Tulane medical student and the carjacking and rape of a young couple the next day. An additional four years was added for assault on a guard once Cain was in custody.

The sentence handed down in Orleans Parish Judge Robin Pittman’s court was a formality, but, prior to it being handed down, the victims in the case had a chance to give impact statements.

While Cain stoically sat watching the proceedings, the male victim of the carjacking and rape talked about what the incident and the aftermath were like for he and the woman he was with that night.

“To be suddenly taken out like that, to be demoralized and de-humanized, it was every bad thing you can imagine being done to you by somebody who had no right to do it,” he said.

Dr. Peter Gold, who was shot once in the abdomen as he attempted to intervene as Cain was carrying a woman down the street, also had a gun pointed at his head, but the gun jammed.

“What if the gun didn’t jam, would I still be sitting here today?” he asked in court.

Though Cain did not speak, his attorney, Brian Woods, said he was remorseful.

“He made a horrific mistake,” Woods said. “He is remorseful for it. He accepted responsibility and took the plea.”

“The incident is unimaginable,” said Assistant District Attorney Kevin Guillory. “To think of the terror that one man can cause. To think that four people have had their lives changed forever by the actions of one person.”