An area district attorney is apologizing for inappropriately commenting about a pending case on Facebook.

The post was made Thursday night by St. Tammany and Washington Parish D.A. Warren Montgomery on the Facebook page of David Troia, a man who was the subject of an April Eyewitness News report.

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The post accuses Troia of lying about trying to meet with Montgomery about his case and says, "You are simply another drug dealer/user who refuses to take responsibility for his actions/mistakes."

In February, a judge expunged Troia's 2011 drug possession conviction, something he sought to do in order to get a new job. But Montgomery's office appealed that ruling saying the law doesn't allow it under the circumstances in Troia's history. That appeal is still pending.

Regarding the Facebook post, Montgomery told Eyewitness News in a statement, "Upon further reflection, I should not have commented on a matter of this nature on Facebook. I would like to assist people who have made mistakes in their past, and I am still willing to meet with Mr. Troia."