BATON ROUGE -- A prosecutor’s report released Friday describes the man who shot and killed three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge as a troubled former Marine with anti-police posts on social media who left a lengthy suicide note calling for the destruction of bad cops.

The report also revealed that the shooter, Gavin Long, from Kansas City, Missouri, looked for the home addresses of the officers in the Alton Sterling case. Sterling was a black man killed by police outside a Baton Rouge convenience store 12 days before Long’s deadly ambush on July 17, 2016.

"It appears to be a computer search, and the computer search appears to probably take place in Dallas or outside of Louisiana before he came here," East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said.

Moore added that Long never acted on the information he gathered on the officers.

The report also included pictures and videos of the shooting.

One video shows a rental car driven by Long pass by the B-Quick Food Mart on Airline Highway, just as Police Officer Matthew Gerald walked inside the business.

East Baton Rouge Parish Deputy Brad Garafola, who was in plain clothes, joined Gerald in the store.

At the same time, Long drives his car around the block and parks near the store.

Gerald and Garafola are soon notified by radio that a man in black fatigues and ski mask was seen stalking around the area and carrying a rifle.

As the two officers leave the store to investigate, they are ambushed in a parking lot by Long.

Video shows the gunman shooting at the officers, who were just out of frame and not visible in the footage Moore released.

According to the report, Garafola drew his gun, took cover behind a trash bin and tried to rescue Gerald who was wounded and on the ground. The video shows Long shoot Garafolo multiple times, killing him.

Long then shoots the injured Gerald two more times at close range and kills him.

"He was using green tip, steel penetrating type ammo, Moore said. "He was prepared to kill and hurt and these rounds went through walls and buildings. They were very powerful rounds."

Moore added that Long was carrying an IWI Tavor semi-automatic weapon and a 9 mm handgun. He also had an AR-15 assault-type rifle in his car with hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

According to the report, Long shot a third officer, Cpl. Montrell Jackson in the back as he searched for the gunman.

Friday, prosecutors also released recordings of the police dispatch radio at the scene of the shooting.
You hear Garafola desperately call for back-up.

"Headquarters, shots fired, officer down … got a city officer down, shots fired, shots fired on Airline," Garafola yelled. "On Airline, unknown where the subject is shooting."

Chad Montgomery, one of the three wounded officers, is also heard on the police radio notifying dispatchers he's been shot.

"Shots still fired … shots still fired in the back,” Montgomery said. "I'm bleeding on the head. I think I'm alright."

Long was eventually taken out by BRPD tactical officers. According to the report, he had 45 bullet wounds.

The report includes a three-page suicide note, written by Long the morning of the shooting.

"I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous acts of violence,” he wrote.

He went on to say, "I see my actions as a necessary evil that I do not want to participate in, nor do I enjoy partaking in. But, must partake in to create substantial change within America's police force and Judicial session."

"Surely he had angst and animosity against police officers, whether good or bad," DA Moore said. "You'll read in his letter that he understands that he may have to kill even good officers, good officers have to die because of bad officers."

The report described shooter Long as a Marine veteran angry with police treatment of black men.

An autopsy showed he had small amounts of alcohol and crystal meth in his system the day of the shooting.

Relatives of the slain officers were allowed to preview the report before Moore released it Friday.