WASHINGTON - Congressman Steve Scalise arrived at MedStar Washington Hospital Center in "imminent risk of death," and has a very long and complicated road to recovery. But there is a good possibility of an "excellent recovery," according to the head of the trauma unit at the hospital.

Dr. Jack Sava gave details of Scalise's injuries, his condition at the time of arrival and and his chances of recovery Friday afternoon.

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Sava said the shot that felled Scalise traveled from one hip to the other, blasting fragments of bone and bullet through his organs before landing and lodging in the other hip.

Scalise arrived at the hospital in shock and with a risk of imminent death, according to Sava, but he said he is "encouraged" by the progress he's made during the past 36 hours.

"His risk of death now is substantially lower than when he came in," he said. "We fully expect him to be able to walk again."

Sava said the level of sedation has been turned down to the point where Scalise can communicate with doctors and family members.

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