NEW ORLEANS -- An Algiers man is in jail following a high-speed police chase from Kenner to New Orleans.

Thomas Elliot White, Jr., 27, flipped his Ford SUV at the corner of Jeff Davis Parkway and Martin Luther King Boulevard in the Broadmoor neighborhood Tuesday around noon.

Police said the drug suspect clipped the back of Maritiza Escobar's Toyota 4-runner, before hitting a telephone pole.

"I'm very happy that it happened to me because had he made it to Earhart, I'm sure he would have killed some people," Escobar said. "He just hit me and police cars just came and surrounded him and that's all I know."

The police chase started at a repo yard on 23rd Street in Kenner.

"The repossession company contacted us and told us they found large amount of marijuana inside the vehicle which is estimated between one and two pounds of marijuana," Kenner Police Department Spokesman Lt. Brian McGregor said.

Kenner police also learned White got his bank's permission to pick up the SUV. They tried to arrest him as he pulled out of the parking lot with the vehicle, but White managed to get away.

About 10 police cars chased White through Kenner, east on 1-10 to the Howard Avenue exit in New Orleans, down Jeff Davis where the suspect crashed.

The owner of a mechanics shop said he watched the suspect's vehicle traveling down Jeff Davis at a high rate of speed.

"I look down Jeff Davis and I can see the lights from the police cars and I looked at my helper and said, oh, a police chase," Chuck Hamback said. "He was like 75 to 80 miles an hour. weaving through cars, (the fact) that nobody got hurt is astounding."

Kenner Police quickly surrounded White and arrested him on several felony charges.

"Very scary," Escobar said. "Somebody must have been watching over me because I am alive. That's what matters."

Police took White to a hospital to be checked out before booking him into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.