Here are some of the facts about the solar eclipse and the view that will be available in the New Orleans area.

1- The moon will cover about 75 percent of the sun, so we won't experience the 'total darkness' that areas in the direct 'viewing path' of the eclipse will see. Still, it will be a significant and extremely rare event.

2- The solar eclipse will occur on August 21

3- You will see (weather and clouds permitting) the eclipse begin just before noon that day (11:57 a.m.)

4- The maximum eclipse viewable in southeast Louisiana will occur about 1:29 p.m.

5- It will end about 2:57 p.m.

6- You can damage your eyes by viewing the eclipse directly. You can purchase special glasses for the event online (though last check showed plenty of places sold out or unable to deliver until perilously close to the event) or you can use two sheets of paper to get the 'eclipse effect.'

7- The last solar eclipse that was viewable in the United States was in 1979.

8- The last time a solar eclipse was viewable 'coast to coast' in the United States was 99 years ago.