NEW ORLEANS - January 1 will forever be a difficult day for family and friends of Joshua Woodruff.

The 28-year-old from California was visiting New Orleans over the New Year's holiday, two years ago.

A car hit Woodruff in the French Quarter around 3 a.m. and dragged him to his death on the Crescent City Connection bridge.

"It was a pretty horrific incident," Woodruff's brother Benjamin Woodruff told WWL-TV. "I think it had a pretty big impact on a lot of people, more than just the people that knew Josh."

Woodruff's family bought a half-page ad in the Gambit Weekly newspaper. A letter, written in Josh's voice, urges the killer to come forward, "...not so much for my sake, because I am no longer here, but for the sake of my parents and my siblings who grieve for me every day."

Benjamin Woodruff said, "We hope the letter leads to more leads and leads to the New Orleans Police being able to do their job."

Darlene Cusanza from Crimestoppers revealed tips continue flow in, including one on New Year's Eve.

"I feel for this family, I truly do," Cusanza said. "When they continue to fight and continue to give their message that just helps us to keep it out front, to get that one piece of information that could help close the case."

Cusanza admits Woodruff's killer may have left New Orleans.

"Given that New Year's Eve is such a busy time for tourists, we don't know if this person is still local or not," Cusanza said.

Woodruff's brother is once again pleading for help from anyone who knows anything about this murder.

"I would just ask that they come forward," Benjamin Woodruff said. "You have no idea how much it would mean to my mother, to the family, to have answers. I know that it's tough after all this time to come forward. We would love the opportunity to have some closure."

The Crimestoppers reward stands at $15,000. If you have any information that can help solve this case, you are urged to call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.