Thirteen UL football players recently arrested for conspiracy to felony commit theft have had the charges against them reduced to criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.

According to court records, the state of Louisiana, through the office of the District Attorney for the 15th Judicial District, requested that the case be continued without date upon the defendants entering a pre-trial diversion program.

The motion was granted by the court Wednesday.

That means all 13 – plus two other Ragin’ Cajun football players originally charged with a misdemeanor in the case, Lawyer Davis and Vincent Thomas – can have the charges against them dropped upon completion of community service.

The 13 originally charged with a felony, since reduced, were Robert Hunt, D’Aquin Withrow, Matthew Barnes, Denarius Howard, Trey Ragas, Jordan Wright, Joe Dillon, Jarvis Jeffries, LaDarrius Kidd, Terik Miller, Damar’ren Mitchell, Levarious Varnado and Simeon Thomas.

They were arrested April 25, following an investigation that produced video evidence of an alleged burglary at Huger Hall on campus.

The victim in the case – according to his mother, Sheila Bae-Cross, who reported the incident – is Artez Williams, a UL football player last season who was kicked off the team earlier this year, shortly before his arrest on a charge of second-degree rape.

Williams’ possessions allegedly were removed from his room by the 13 ex-teammates April 5, hours after his arrest.

Among the items allegedly stolen, according to a UL Police Department property report: An Xbox game system, the Xbox games Grand Theft Auto V and Metal Gear, one LG television, a gold chain, an Aeropostale watch, three pairs of Jordan shoes, two pairs of Adidas shoes, a Nike backpack, four pairs of boxers, eight-and-a-half pairs of socks, three coats, three dollar bills, a Ragin’ Cajuns hat, a ski cap, one pair of jeans, one belt, a training speed ladder, a toenail clipper and one bottle of hair lotion.

The items had a reported value of $2,400 and were recovered, according to an initial arrest report from the ULPD.

Williams was in jail at the time of the alleged burglary, according to Bae-Cross.