A playoff road trip is just what the doctor ordered for the Who Dat nation which suffered through 7-9 seasons, 4 of the last 5 years, but flights are already filling up for Friday and Saturday travel to Minneapolis.

A quick look at flights on Expedia showed trips on Spirit airlines under $500 for round trip; while Delta and other airlines were approaching $700 - in some cases with 2 stops. Checks of Delta and American Airlines web sites showed prices between $750 and $1,000.

It's going to be HOW cold?

In addition, Saints fans need to brace for the cold, and we mean real cold - cold that makes last week in New Orleans seem balmy. The forecast for Friday through Sunday is for highs around 8 degrees and lows below zero.

Still neither cold, nor sleet nor steep plane fares will keep hardy Saints fans from their divisional round playoff game.

"A fanatic is what I am and what my friends are," Saints fan Tristan Manthey said. "We love the Saints. We have a blast when we go on these road trips. Win or lose. We went to Seattle for the last one. Had a great time. Didn't get the victory, but I think we're going to get the victory in Minnesota."

Minnesotan Katie Steiner tells you how to get around and what to do

Manthey and three of his friends are heading to Minnesota for the Saints-Vikings playoff game Sunday afternoon.

"Got to support the Saints," Manthey said. "That was an unbelievable win last night, yesterday evening. We usually make the road trips for the playoff games. Nothing like going on the road to support the Saints and getting a victory."

But, if you can get to Minnesota, Bob Bourg from the New Orleans based Destination Management, Inc., said ticket exchanges such as Stubhub and Vivid have plenty of game tickets available.

"The tickets Sunday were probably hovering $25-$50 dollars above face value for the regular ticket and they went up from there, depending on what you selected," Bourg said. "Remember, when you check out there is a little service fee, so you've got to be careful when you look at the pricing."

Primesport is offering a two night hotel stay in Minneapolis and tickets to the game for $555 per person.

DMI can also get Saints fans a special game rate at the Hyatt Regency.

"They gave us a rate of $149 a night," Bourg said. "We can book rooms for people if they want to go to Minneapolis. We can make a reservation for them. They can pay the hotel directly."

Meanwhile, Manthey hopes to use this trip to Minnesota as a scouting mission.

"The Super Bowl is in Minnesota this year," Manthey noted. "It should be in New Orleans, but as everybody knows, Minnesota got awarded it. But, I'm happy to go to Minnesota. It would be great if we can win it on our (city's) Tri Centennial."

Manthey and his buddies plan to be at every Saints game going forward, home or away as long as they keep winning.