BATON ROUGE -- The United States Coast Guard will present medals to four men, recognizing their selfless acts of kindness during the August 2016 flood.

Rear Adm. Dave Callahan will present a Silver Lifesaving Medal and three Meritorious Public Service Medals Friday at the Cutter White Alder Memorial in Baton Rouge. Callahan is the commander of the 8th Coast Guard District.

The Silver Lifesaving Medial will honor David Phung for heroically saving a woman and her dog from a submerged car during the flooding on August 13.

“Phung’s selfless effort while placing his own life in danger prevented a certain death on this day,” the Coast Guard said.

The three Meritorious Public Service Medals will honor Brandon Barrett, Jason Dixon, and Robbie Reynold for their involvement for the same rescue.

The Silver Lifesaving Medal was established in 1874 and can be awarded to any person who rescues someone from drowning, shipwreck or other peril of water at the risk of his own life.