NEW ORLEANS -- A broken water main near Almonaster Avenue and Read Boulevard is causing standing water on the roadway and even caused one driver to get stuck.

Catherine Kreps said her husband called her around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning to say he was stuck in a hole. Kreps said her husband Richard Kreps Jr. was driving along Almonaster, like he does most days, when his pickup truck got stuck in the roadway.

"When he said his car fell in a sinkhole, I did not think it was a sinkhole filled with water," Kreps said.

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Kreps Jr. said he goes that way often and avoiding that spot has been part of his routine.

Kreps Jr. said he watched a truck in front of him veer right, but he decided to veer left and got stuck.

Kreps said her husband was waiting on a tow truck to help get his truck out when a Good Samaritan came by and helped.

New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board has been notified of the sinkhole.