Hurricane Matthew roared through Haiti causing death, widespread destruction and despair. One thousand Haitians are likely dead with 750,000 people in need of life-saving help.

"Now, everything's destroyed," Haitian native Elianne Charles said. "They don't have nothing, nothing."

We first met the Gretna woman as Matthew battered her island nation on October 4. She showed us video of her hometown of Baraderes on Haiti's southwestern peninsula as the storm destroyed her family home.

Elianne said her worst fears have been realized with the death of her step-father, uncle and several cousins. She worries the death toll is still on the rise.

"Children cry, have the fever," Elianne said. "We don't have hospital there. We don't have no place to go, no where, no light, no even candle."

Elianne's cousin Manel Charles said all of the things his family members need to survive were destroyed.

"All there gardens, all their animals like cows or goats, all those things gone, the plants, everything they use to eat, they're gone," Charles said.

There are two fundraisers this weekend in New Orleans to help the people of Haiti. The "NOLA for Haiti" event starts at Cafe Istanbul Saturday night at 6.

"My heart really does go out, especially when you consider the historical connection between New Orleans and Haiti," Cafe Istanbul co-owner Chuck Perkins said. "I think it is important for us to help the people there."

The "Love Haiti" benefit starts at Fritai, a Haitian restaurant at the St. Roch Market, Sunday at 6 p.m.

"It hurts," Fritai co-owner Charly Pierre whose parents were born in Haiti said. "It hurts. So, we're just trying to help, little by little, that's all we can do."

Elianne Charles appreciates the outpouring of support for Haiti.

She says until help arrives, her people are just waiting to die.

"When you talk, how you feel, I'm just sitting down here waiting (they say). They going to die," Elianne said.

Elianne Charles set up a go fund me account to help raise money for her family back in Haiti.

It's called "The Mountain of Bina Haiti Fund." She's hoping to raise $90,000.