BELLE CHASSE - Good Friday is more than just a Chirstian holiday in Louisiana. It's also a time to gather the family around the dinner table for local seafood.

It was all hands on deck at Salvo's Seafood in Belle Chasse Friday. Owner Sal St. Philip expected to sell 600 pounds of shrimp, 40 sacks of oysters and 600 sacks of crawfish...his biggest seller.

"It used to be it's all boiled product, but really it's turning over to the live product," St. Philip said. "A sack at the house, 10 people, stuff like that."

Glenn Schexnayder took home two boxes of crawfish. He said it's a Good Friday tradition for his family.

"It's one of these things that's been going on for generations where people get together on Friday, in other words it brings families together and life is all about family, really," Schexnayder said.

St. Philip maintains crawfish are particularly good in size and quality this year.

"Nice large crawfish all day long," St. Philip said.

There were also long lines at the outdoor market in Westwego. The Frickey twins, Dan and Dale from Paridis loaded up on the seafood.

"We're picking up frog legs, shrimp, crabs and oysters," Dale Frickey said. "We ate enough crawfish, so we're going to do something different today."

"It's a hell of a fasting on Good Friday," Dan Frickey said. "But, you got to do it. We're good Catholics."

So what's the secret to a good seafood boil?

"Some lemon juice," Dale Frickey said. "Plenty of potatoes, corn, sausage and pull them out the pot and dump them on the table and everybody going to jump on in."

"I'm the secret to a good boil," Clarence Sam from Harvey said. "I put a little razzle, dazzle to it. I put more lemon than most people do."

Sam and his daughter made a second trip to the market for a bag of shrimp.

"Louisiana is the seafood capital," Sam said. "On Good Friday, that's how we do it. We love it."

Back at Salvo's in Belle Chasse, St. Philip admits the Lenten season is always good for business.

"For us, it's one of our busiest times of the year," St. Philip said. "Like I said, we move a lot of product."

Here's an idea of what seafood is selling for right now. At Salvo's live crawfish go for $1.99 a pound for live and $3.75 a pound for boiled. Shrimp sells for $11.99 a pound for the 16-to-20 count.

Crabs are still a little hard to get. They go for between $28.99 and $42.99 a dozen, depending on the size.