HAMMOND - Juliane King was the girls’ softball coach this season at Hammond Magnet School in Tangipahoa Parish. Her younger brother, Stiles King helped his sister as an assistant coach. Her father, Ronald King, also helped coach.

Parents are now alarmed to find out that Stiles King, 19, was awaiting trial in St. Tammany on multiple sex and pornography charges while he was sporting the purple team colors of the Hammond High Lady Tors.

King was charged last April with having sex with underage girls and videotaping the encounters. King was 18 and his alleged victims were 14, authorities say. He is scheduled to stand trial on Monday.

Bridget and Joey Polanski, parents of a junior on the softball team, were the first to find out and notify the school about King. They uncovered King’s pending charges after he was arrested on a new set of sex allegations.

Two weeks ago, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office booked King on nine counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile for allegedly engaging in sex with a 15-year-old girl.

“Any dad's reaction is that you want to rip him apart, because that's your child,” Joey Polanski said. “He had jackets, hat, shorts, shirts, everything. He was there for every practice, every game.”

The Polanskis went straight to the school’s principal with the information, they said. On Thursday, the members of the softball team were called to a meeting and notified that Juliane King would no longer be coaching and that she had been suspended as teacher at the school. Her name was removed this week from the school’s website.

“I was very upset that our girls were even put in that position, especially with her being a coach and a teacher – and her other assistant coach is also a teacher,” Bridget Polanski said. “For teachers to put their students in that position is just scary.”

Joey Polanksi said that despite what happens in court, the mere fact that King has been arrested on sex charges should have been enough to bar him from any contact with a girls’ softball team.

At his scheduled trial Monday, King faces charges of indecent behavior with a juvenile, pornography involving juveniles, production of pornography with a juvenile and distribution of pornography with a juvenile.

“With her letting him be around the girls is a disgrace because he shouldn't even be around kids, innocent or guilty,” Joey Polanski said.

Neither Hammond High or the Tangipahoa School Superintendent's office responded to calls for comment. Stiles King's defense attorney, Nicholas Cressy, also failed to respond to multiple phone messages.

The new arrest and King’s activities as an unofficial assistant coach did come to the attention of St. Tammany District Court Judge Peter Garcia. According to court records, Garcia added the following conditions to King’s bond: no contact with any juvenile females, no presence at any high school, surrender his cell phone, no use of social media and a strict curfew to be enforced by an electronic ankle monitor.