Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni said he will respond Thursday night to a report on WWL-TV last week that said the FBI is looking into Yenni's alleged 'sexting' with a 17-year-old two years ago.

Yenni said he would respond to the report in the form of a commercial to air during local newscasts Thursday night.

Our partners at The New Orleans Advocate obtained a copy of the ad and it shows Yenni, apologizing for deciding to send improper texts to a young man. In the ad shown on The Advocate's web site, he said he would not go into details, but added "I made a bad decision. I regret my actions."

Yenni has repeatedly dodged our questions in the four months leading up to our report and in the week since. He even surprised council members on Wednesday by deciding shortly before the council meeting to not attend. Thursday he announced that he had been called in for duty with the naval reserves as they respond to Hurricane Matthew and would be out of town until mid October.

ORIGINAL REPORT: FBI looks into JP President Yenni's allegedly explicit texts to teen

Yenni is a lieutenant and public information officer for the Navy Reserves.

His chief operating officer, Keith Conley, said Yenni did not want to cause a distraction, but some council members and citizens said he only caused a larger distraction by refusing to face the public.

Councilman Chris Roberts issued a statement saying "This issue is going to be a distraction no matter when it is addressed. The council did not express to President Yenni that his presence to address these matters would have distracted from the business at hand at yesterday's meeting."