In all of broadcast news, it would be hard to find a more versatile journalist than Mike Hoss and impossible to find a harder worker or someone who is more respected and loved by his colleagues.

Mike has been at Channel 4 since 1989, devoting nearly half his life to this station and this community.

New Orleans is not where he was born, but it is where he's grown up.

The college athlete turned sportscaster came to New Orleans 28 years ago. He started in Sports. Fitting since he would turn out to be the greatest utility player to ever play for the WWL team.

Over the years, Mike has worked every position. From sports anchor, to weekend anchor, to days, to nights, to mornings, he's literally worked around the clock often putting in 16-hour days without ever once calling attention to the work ethic that inspires him and everyone else.

Mike is more than a team player. In times of crisis, he's been the captain, motivating us to keep going no matter how down we might be, and in times of need, he's agreed to be our coach, serving not once, but twice as our WWL news director. For many that would be a hard transition to go from co-worker to boss.

Like the stories he's known for, the son of a Virginia judge is unfailingly fair, compassionate and fun -- on screen and off. No one enjoys a good time, more than Mike. No one enjoys Mardi Gras more than the Moose. In fact, it's come to define our Carnival coverage.

He's what's keeps us laughing no matter what. Mike reflects the optimism of the city, no matter what it's up against. No matter how grave the threat. Mike's captured the city's strength by harnessing the energy of the people who call it home.

It's what makes him the award-winning journalist he is, a great boss and the best friend.

It's never about Mike. It's always about the story. And the team. In fact, every e-mail he's ever sent to the newsroom has started that way.

There's only one thing that's ever trumped that team, and that's family. The only job that could pry him away from the WWL family, is one that allows him to spend more time with his own.

Married to his best friend, Betty-Ann, the two will work together at Hoss Communications and at home, raising their beautiful girls Allison and Katie.

As Mike exits one field and enters another realm of communications, he leaves at the very top of his game, knowing that our team wouldn't trade him or the time we've shared, for anything.