It is certainly a brave new world for New Orleans retailers as they compete in Monday's digital marketplace.

82 percent of shoppers are expected to buy a gift online this holiday season.

That's compared to just 77 percent who plan to buy gifts at a physical store.

"It doesn't have to be scary," said Andy Dickhut, owner of Louisiana Running and Walking Company on Oak Street in Uptown.

Dickhut added that it is important from a business standpoint to keep digital at the forefront.

"You have to have something to offer digitally, even if it's only to drive people into your local brick and mortar shop. You have to have that presence on there, to let consumers know that you're out there," Dickhut said.

Louisiana Running has now turned to for help in building its digital footprint. The website was developed by Michael Massey and his team above his family owned Massey's Outfitters on Carrollton Avenue in Mid-City.

"We can take what they have in stock, in their cash register or in their point of sale system, in their inventory system and put it right on a brand's website," Massey said. "We can put it in search engines, basically we can put it anywhere that an online shopper is shopping."

For now, caters primarily to outdoor, running and baby products.

"Our goal in the longest term is to replicate the entire experience of shopping on Amazon, but have that powered by the local store," Massey said.

Local retailers are also looking for other innovative ways to compete with the online sellers. Louisiana Running & Walking is now offering a delivery service that can get you the product that you're looking for in a matter of hours, delivered straight to your home or office.

"The small businesses that are able to adapt and grow and become more digital-minded are going to be the ones that are here in the long run," Dickhut said.

Online sellers are expected to rack up a record $6.6 billion in sales this Cyber Monday in the U.S. alone. That's on top of $5 billion in online sales on Black Friday.