ALGIERS – In the middle of Hurricane Nate preparations on Saturday, some New Orleans police were called to handle a huge alligator on the loose in Algiers Point.

Resident Jowey Dowdall said he first saw police lights near his home around 8 a.m. on Saturday when he went to go check it out.

"So, I walked up and they said stop, and there was an alligator. I'm not kidding you, it was 7 feet long,” Dowdall said.

As New Orleans police and firefighters followed their alligator from near the levee to an empty lot near Opelousas, all the commotion caused a small crowd to follow what was going on. Abigal Amos was one of the people who saw the huge reptile and took a video of it.

"I think they had a problem getting wildlife control,” Amos said.

As neighbors waited and took their photos, they say two men described as ‘regular Louisianians’ jumped in to help catch the unwanted visitor.

"It was tug and go, they had a lasso around it's snout at one point, and then it escaped from it. Then finally they were able to get it all wrapped up,” Amos said.

Dowdall says the whole incident frightened a few, but also caused quite a chuckle among neighbors.

“I don't care if we see another one, but I prefer not to,” Dowdall said.

However, as a dog owner and a neighbor concerned for young children, he says he will be keeping an eye out for the alligator’s relatives.