ALGIERS- Algiers resident Arthur S. Tyson Jr. says that just walking down his sidewalk is a safety hazard.

Tyson pointed out parts of the sidewalk that are elevated, uneven and difficult to walk over.

"Now can you see a wheelchair person being able to maneuver over this? No question about it," Tyson Jr. said.

The roads outside his home on Berkeley Drive, Tyson Jr. said, are even worse.

Cars can be seen dodging and swerving to avoid the dips and uneven pavement. Tyson Jr. says these pothole problems have cost him thousands of dollars in car repairs.

"My suspension system's going to cost me about $1,500 to get it repaired and this will be the second time," Tyson Jr. said.

It's not just him. Tyson's neighbors Sheila Rodriguez and Angela Martinez have also expressed frustration over their roads.

"We change them (tires) like every six or seven months," Martinez said.

Both woman say years have gone by with no road improvement work on their block.


"I've been back here 20 something years and they've never even tried to fix it," Rodriguez said.

It's gotten to the point where they're also worried about their children and grandchildren hurting themselves.

"I wish I could just have them come out here and teach them on our street. Or have them play a game in the street without them busting their ankle or something. Which I have busted my ankle trying to run down this street," Martinez said.

Eyewitness News reached out to City Hall on Tuesday, asking about road improvements. They provided a map showing roads under construction in different parts of the city, however, currently there aren't any improvement projects in Algiers. Neighbors say that's their biggest problem and frustration.

"You begin to wonder, what's happening with the money?" Tyson Jr. said.

"We're the forgotten side, because they care about across the river, but they never do nothing for Algiers," Rodriguez said.