NEW ORLEANS -- At Tulane University, students, faculty and the public gathered Thursday together listening to Former Mayor and National Urban League President Marc Morial discuss race and economics.

Morial said he wants to see President Donald Trump get to the bottom of the problems affecting black and urban communities.

"It's important that he talked about the need for there to be inner city, urban investment. Now that he and his team are in office, it's important for them to deliver on that commitment," Morial said.

"You need to have an ear going both ways. It's not just enough to talk about these things, you actually have to be involved," Elam said.

Others in attendance also want future conversations and change.

"I think right now, all issues are so sensitive, that it makes it hard to discuss race, or religion or to be a conservative or a liberal," New Orleans resident Arlene Roberton said. "And that's really disheartening cause that's now what our country is about."

Others agreed.

"You look at statistics about black communities versus white communities and statistically it's just like, they don't have access to healthcare, they've got more diseases, more disparities, lower income. There shouldn't be a divide," Tulane student Seamus Gallivan said.

As long as divide exists, Morial said he will not stop fighting and hopes Trump's administration is willing to lead that charge.

"His cabinet is not yet seated," Morial said. "We've not had an opportunities to engage in any significant dialogue. And I think the President, should reach out, to the Congressional Black Caucus, to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the leaders of the civil rights community for a candid and serious discussion about what this plan ought to look like."

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