NEW ORLEANS- Less than two weeks after LaToya Cantrell's victory speech, her past credit card controversy is re-surfacing.

"This is the first time, in my memory which goes back pretty far, that a mayor-elect of New Orleans is under criminal investigation," DuBos said.

Monday, a local judge signed subpoenas requesting records related to her taxpayer-funded credit cards during her time as a city councilwoman. The subpoenas were requested by State Attorney General Jeff Landry.

"He (Landry) might bring in the FEDS, which is something else he could do. 'Cause if there's a state violation, there's also a federal violation, because if there's anything involving credit card triggers federal jurisdiction," WWL-TV Political Analyst Clancy DuBos said.

Landry got involved after the Orleans District Attorney recused himself because of his political support of Cantrell's run-off opponent, who originally brought the credit card issue to the media.

Records show Cantrell used the tax payer-funded credit card for professional, personal and political purposes, and reimbursed the city more than $4,400 just before qualifying for the election. It became a hot topic during debates.

DuBos says if Landry decides to pursue this investigation, it will be tough.

"It's going to reek of selective prosecution, if he or the feds or anybody else only looks at LaToya Cantrell because she's not the only council member who did this sort of thing," DuBos said.

Currently, seven council members are being audited by the State Legislative Auditor.

If the AG decides to bring an indictment against Cantrell, the next major task would be prosecuting her within Orleans Parish.

"How is he going to get a jury in Orleans Parish to convict the Mayor-Elect who was just elected overwhelmingly. He really needs to think about this in the broader context. And in the context of fairness," DuBos said.

"It's the first step. It doesn't mean anybody has done anything wrong. It simply means they are formally requesting all the credit card records from Council member Cantrell," DuBos said.