NEW ORLEANS – Someone stole air conditioning units from the St. John Lutheran Church and School, right before school started.

There were four units each, but thieves stole all of them.

“So just in one day, someone broke in, took all the units, and destroyed everything for the first day of school,” Pastor Ken Babin said.

The school has been able to replace one whole AC or two units. So now, the gym is running off one AC.

“With one air condition unit, its tolerable for morning care, after care and lunch time, it’s much nicer than it was last year, but when we start volleyball teams and volleyball is here practicing, it’s not going to be very pleasant,” Principal Bethany Gonski said.

To replace the second AC is going to be thousands of dollars.

“Money that we didn't have to come up just to give the basics so students can eat in a nice environment so we could have basketball and volleyball and Zumba in our gym,” Gonski said.

“It’s just a shame that someone would take AC away from kids,” she said.

However, the school does not have hard feelings towards the thieves.

“We don't really harbor any ill will against the person. They did it, it's over. We forgive. We hope they see stealing from people isn't the way to go,” Pastor Babin said.

The church and school plan to start a GoFundMe page to help pay for the other stolen units.