NEW ORLEANS- When Tulane University student Harry Gould heard about the death of 18-year-old Max Gruver, it hit close to home.

"I know some kids who went to his school, back in Atlanta. I didn't know the kid, but wondered did they know the kid. You wonder how it affects all of the people around you," Gould said.

LSU says Gruver was taken from Phi Delta Theta Fraternity house to the hospital where he was pronounced dead Thursday.

The East Baton Rouge corner's office says Gruver had a highly-elevated blood alcohol level and THC from marijuana inside of his system.

"It's just a very scary situation all around because this could just happen to anyone and this person was just like all of us. Just a college student trying to have a good night," Tulane student Brad Dimodica said.

As police investigate this death as a possible hazing incident, all greek life activities on campus are suspended.

Dimodica and Ben Klayman say peer pressure to drink is real, especially for students underage.

"A lot of people can drink just way too much," Dimodica said.

"There's a lot of peer pressure I guess to drink and um, but it's important to just know your limits if you do and to know what resources you have that the school will give you," Klayman said.

"Even if you're trying to have a good time. You got to know to know your limits and realize 'I need to stop," Gould said.