CONVENT, La. -- A 21-year-old Gramercy man was arrested Thursday for second-degree battery in connection with the beating of a teen on Christmas Eve at a bonfire on the levee.

According to the St. James Parish Sheriff's Office, 21-year-old Jordan Hitt was arrested Thursday afternoon for his role in a fight that some witnesses say was racially motivated.

According to our partners at The Advocate, St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin said investigators have found no evidence that the fight, which sent two black teenagers to the hospital, was racially motivated.

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"I don't see anything that supports it's a racial/hate crime," Martin told The Advocate. "Prior to the fight, they were all up there having a nice time."

He said investigators were still conducting interviews with the victims and witnesses on Thursday and the reason for the fight remains unclear.

"We all know it was a fight between young black men and young white men, but we don't know if it's over hate," the sheriff said. "We have not determined the motive of this fight."

The mother's of the victims told Advocate reporters that their sons told them they were attacked by a group of white men after one of the women in their group talked to one of the teens in their group.

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