Metairie, La. – King Cakes are back this year and if you haven't noticed, Mardi Gras will be happening early – February 13.

"If you don't get one, I definitely feel like I missed out,” Janier McKinnies said.

Since the season is shorter than usual this year, bakeries are ramping up production now.

At Maurice's French Pastries, their decadent strawberry and cream brioche cake keep their workers working around the clock to keep up with the demand.

Owner Jean-Luc Albin said soon the entire store will be filled with all kinds of King Cake.

"Flakey puff pastry filled up with the creme of almond,” Albin said.

On Wednesday, orders were coming in both near and far with some that had to be shipped.

Meanwhile at Manny Randazzo King Cakes just a few blocks away from Maurice's, the lines are getting long.

"I've moved to Indiana but I always make sure I come here,” one woman said.

Manny Randazzo says his store normally opens on January 3.

“Larges are gone,” Randazzo said.

And this year, from what he can saw, opening day kicked off as it normally does, with several varieties selling out before midday.

"I think what happens is they don't have king cakes all year round and they just can't wait to get one,” Randazzo said.

Back at Maurice's, he's getting his supplies ready, one of the most important provisions? The King Cake babies.

"Queen, and prince, and King," Albin said as he pointed to a variety of trinkets used for the cakes.

He uses the regular, plastic ones for the more traditional cakes, while he has ceramic ones for Galette Des Rois, the French King cake.

"So we expect to be pretty busy and we're getting ready," Albin added.

Now the tradition, is you're supposed to wait until Twelfth Night, but sometimes you can just let somethings slide.

And because of the shortened Carnival season, we asked if any of the bakeries planned to extend their product. Randazzo said some of his King Cakes will be available a few days after Mardi Gras while Albin said customers can come in and order a custom King Cake anytime.