NEW ORLEANS - People in town are taking the advice of city officials, preparing just in case Hurricane Irma decides to change course. Many have been glued to the forecasts watching to see what she does.

"I'm just waiting to see what happens," said resident Shuna Hughson. "You never can tell and I'm just hoping it's not like Hurricane Katrina because it's on the same path pretty much."

"I think everybody should be concerned and be prepared to leave," said resident Albert Jones.

While it's not forecasted Hurricane Irma will come our way, officials say it doesn't matter. That whatever happens, it's best to have a plan.

"We're just kind of keeping an eye on things and just hoping for the best," said resident Rachel Turner.

"There are one or two models that take it through the Gulf and point it in our direction," said Mayor Mitch Landrieu. "We hope that doesn't happen. It doesn't appear that's going to happen, but because of how these storms move, you have to be prepared."

Besides putting together a hurricane kit, people can do other things like check generators, clean catch basins, and fill cars with gas.

"And that kit includes not just the basics of food and water, but making sure that you have prescription medications, making sure you have copies of all your important documents," Aaron Miller, the Director of Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said. "In the event of an evacuation we want to advise residents they should have multiple routes and you should look for multiple destinations as well."

It's something many, it seems, have already thought about.

"Well I'm concerned about it because it's big," said Jones. "But we're prepared to leave to go to Tennessee."

"I think I'm just going to go head on home to Pittsburgh if anything does happen," said Hughson.

Getting hurricane-ready should be on everyone's radar, which according to officials, includes staying informed.

"Monitor those changing weather patters," said Miller. "Monitor forecast updates. We saw with Hurricane Harvey that forecasts can change within simply a matter of hours."

As we wait for Irma to turn, many say they're taking no chances.

"Houston has just dealt with Hurricane Harvey and we're really trying to help them out," said Turner. "And I'm really just hoping we're preparing for nothing and that everyone will be fine and Florida, we have your back though. If something does happen, we're coming to help you."

Another thing residents can do now, is document everything in your home for insurance purposes by taking pictures and/or video.