Jerome Young has been riding for 53 years.

"It's concerning but biking is something that if it's in you, you think about it, you're concerned about the person it happened to and you try to be careful yourself. That's all you can do."

The first crash happened Sunday night on Audubon street. New Orleans police say the driver of the motorcycle ran into the back of an SUV . Another crash happened on Tuesday night on Haynes Boulevard. A motorcycle and car collided killing the motorcyclist. The driver of the car has been arrested.

Louisiana State Police also reported a deadly crash involving a motorcycle in Plaquemines Parish.

"Everybody in the community should be concerned when a motorcyclist goes down," said Glenn Mcgovern, motorcycle attorney and instructor.

According to Louisiana State Police, last year more than 1400 people were injured in motorcycle crashes and 94 people were killed. State police outline several important guidelines: never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol be careful when turning or changing lanes, carefully check intersections for others, make sure to give motorcycles a full lane of travel as you would a car. These guidelines are important advice because Young says it's a dangerous ride.

"I love to ride but you still have to know there's a danger there," Young said. "It's a fun sport in one way and it's a dangerous sport in another way."

Bikers said there needs to be better laws to protect motorcyclists and more education about sharing the road.