BILOXI, MS -- Four crosses mark the spot where a bus and train collided, killing four and wounding several more Tuesday.

On March 7, four people were killed after a train crashed into a tour bus from Austin, Texas that was struck on the tracks in Biloxi. Officials have not determined why the bus stopped.

Those who were on scene after a train crashed into a charter bus say first responders and the community worked together to help victims.

"The community was like stirring up an ant bed. I was amazed to see stuff like this," says Willie Rhetta, who was at crash scene.

"To see people come together that way based on what happened yesterday I knew it had to come through to a lot of us that were praying for the situation," says Carlton McCarter, local pastor.

People who live in Biloxi say it was all hands on deck to help crash victims get help-- and get it fast. Once the dust settled though, the emotional toll set in. The Mayor of Biloxi Andrew “FoFo” Gilich fought back tears talking about the crash.

"The lose of life for first time visitors in Biloxi is tragic," Gilich said.

"We are so sorry for the loss of these people and the tragedy that happened here. As a part of the city, we care about the city and the people here and the people who visit here, added his wife, Serena.

A memorial is a reminder of what happened. Each cross on at the memorial represents a victim. The blue ribbons are for the two men who died and the pink -- the two women.

"Things like this change a community and every time you go over that railroad track you'll be thinking about what happened yesterday and just to see the bus and train that way it just makes you think twice what we need to do for safety," McCarter said.

And for the City of Biloxi, safety is the main concern. The mayor says he lost three friends in similar crashes.

"Bottom line is things like this need to be prevented, period," Gilich said.

The mayor said the city is looking into ways to prevent this from ever happening again.