NEW ORLEANS – Due to rain delays, and issues with site conditions and budget, the city will approach the construction of Bourbon Street into two phases.

The French Quarter Infrastructure Project began on April 24. The city says as of July 31, 15 work days were lost due to weather delays and 11 work days were lost due to unforeseen site conditions. Phase 1, which is currently under way, includes fully reconstructing the 100 to 400 blocks of Bourbon Street and installing safety bollards, or posts. The city says Phase 1 will be completed by December under the Department of Public Works’ maintenance contract.

The second phase includes fully reconstructing the 500 to 800 blocks of Bourbon Street and will be designed, bid and awarded through a separate contract with the goal of starting in May 2018, according to the city. The plan for bollard installations in the 400 to 800 blocks have not been finalized and until that time, NOPD barricades will be used during major events, the city says.

The original estimate for the project was $6 million. The current estimate to complete the first phase is $6.343 million and the second phase is $7.022 million, with the total estimate for the project being $13.365 million. Both phases are fully funded by the city and SWBNO with the additional $3.879 million cost to the city coming from bond funds, according to the city.

Below are some of the additional costs:

- $2.385 million - The cost of the increased number of drain lines and size to meet design standards, custom-made connections in order to run drain lines underneath or around underground utility infrastructure.

- $2.025 million – The cost of additional offsets to run water line around other underground utility infrastructure, upgraded meter vaults and added valves for future maintenance costs.

- $1.871 million – The cost of additional required point repairs, repair/lining of additional sewer service connection and installation of new sewer system cleanouts.

- $.7 million – The cost of changes to full replacement of brick sidewalk.

- $.4 million - Additional and continuous noise and vibration monitoring and survey support costs.

A full description of the project and weekly updates are available at: