NEW ORLEANS -- A part of Bourbon Street is undergoing a major change. 

The City of New Orleans has announced a $6 million project to repave and fix Bourbon Street's drainage issues. 

"I think it's great, I think we just got to be patient with it," said one visitor on Bourbon Street.

For many, it's a welcomed plan. For others, it highlights a bigger problem through the rest of the French Quarter.

John Matassa Jr., owner of Matassa's Delicatessen said he has been telling tourists that the leaking hydrant in front of his store near St. Phillips and Dauphine streets is actually an art installation.

"We like to call this our fountain," Matassa said. "It's been like this for six months."

Matassa said he has been in contact with the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans trying to get them to plug the problem. 

"They were here for hours, and they just said there's a cracked pipe under the concrete which doesn't make sense because if there was a cracked pipe, you figure the water wouldn't come up," Matassa said.

Besides this leak, Matassa said there is another one in the back of his building which causes low water pressure for the residences upstairs.

When asked, S&WB said they needed more time to look into the leak near Matassa's.

The city there is a $2.4 billion plan to fix damaged infrastructure across New Orleans over the next eight years.

Officials recommend that residents look up to see what repairs are scheduled through

WWLTV checked Matassa's address, but the last work ordered started and ended in 2012. Matassa said crews have been working on the hydrant.