NEW ORLEANS- It was Paul Youadim's fourth year in a row traveling from San Francisco to New Orleans for Southern Decadence.

"I get booked to dance at Bourbon pub every year," Younadim said.

For a while, he worried about Hurricane Harvey impacting his vacation. Now, he is glad the weekend turned out well.

"It's fun. I tell everyone to do it every year. At least once. Try it out. The people are great. The parties are great. and it's just a good fun time," Younadim said.

While the sun was shining, Darren Mills, event coordinator at Bourbon Pub, said he noticed a slight change in the crowd.

"We had busy spurts and then we had quieter times when typically it would have been busy, but I think overall, the people that were here had a great time," Mills said.

Overall, tourism leaders tell Eyewitness News Labor Day weekend was a success for tourism and hotel booking in the city of New Orleans.

"Going into Friday night, we were running 80 plus percentage for occupancy. Saturday night, as we closed the books on Friday to wait for the weekend we were at 95 percent," Mark Romig, President & CEO of New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, said.

Romig said the three major events throughout the weekend, which included the Tulane University vs. Grambling State University football game, the Brigham Young University vs LSU football game and Southern Decadence brought in a ton of revenue.

"Our past surveys stats show us that guests, if they stay three or so nights, they're going to spend on average about $1,200 a piece. And if you can run those projections, you're talking about a cash impact in the city of more than $50 million," Romig said.

Romig says it is a great kick off for a busy fall season.

"We've got Bayou Classic coming up. We have the Friend Chicken Festival, we have Voodoo Festival. And then all of a sudden it's going to be Christmas time. So, the hits just keep on coming," Romig said.

It's the festivals, events and the city's vibrant culture that will keep Younadim coming back for more.

"The people! It's always the people. Yeah, they're really nice. It's not like California," Younadim said.

Romig said the proceeds from the BYU vs. LSU game will go to Texas. The state was originally scheduled to host the game, but had to find a different location because of Hurricane Harvey.