Floodwaters from Saturday’s storm might have receded, which means for many drivers who own a car getting things checked out and dried up was a priority Monday.

Many in Mid-City had to deal with the chore of car clean-ups after that neighborhood was especially hard-hit.

Trent McGill said he removed nearly 12 gallons of water.

“We’ll put some fans in some peppermint oil to see if that’ll help,” Erin Muggivan said.

She was actually on vacation when the storm hit and came back to find a car that had already been cleaned out.

“It smells like something died in there, but I think it’ll run,” she said.

What should you do if your car flooded?

Step one: don’t turn it on.

Instead, start to dry it out and look under the hood at all electrical components.

“Make sure there’s no water under the rugs or else there’s mildew, and after that check your oil, air filter, and gas cap to make sure nothing got in there and if you’re lucky like we were replace everything and go on,” McGill said.

“I’ve been through so many of these it’s no longer panic,” he added.