NEW ORLEANS – “A technical issue” has stopped the Carnival Dream cruise ship from docking in Cozumel, leaving them slowly moving back home.

According to a statement from Carnival, the technical problem affects the ship’s maximum cruising speed.

“All other systems are functioning normally,” the statement reads. “Technicians are working to resolve the issue.”

As a result, the cruise ship could not dock in Cozumel Friday and will return to New Orleans instead. It is expected to arrive on Sunday, as it was originally scheduled to do.

Passengers are posting online saying that the cruise came to “a dead stop in the middle of the gulf,” but don’t seem worried about their safety. The same posts suggest they’re still able to enjoy the amenities onboard.

Guests were given $50 in onboard credit each, according to Carnival.

“We sincerely apologize for this disruption to our guests’ vacation plans and for any disappointment this has caused.