NEW ORLEANS – Frustrations are growing for residents on Columbus Street.

Neighbors say two cars, parked for almost a year, have turned into a popular homeless hangout.

Residents say they fear for their safety.

"Until I saw the needles I wasn't crazy about it, then I started seeing that and I'm like that's got to go,” resident Scott Smith said.

“Since last Mardi Gras, now we're going on 10 and a half months, this truck pulled up over here and it's been a parade of people living out of this truck.”

Smith said the second car parked in front of the truck about four months ago.

“At night they have people visiting them, they sleep in the car and they wash their clothes and they hang their clothes on the line from the car to the truck,” resident George Greene said.

Smith said he was initially understanding of the situation, but with a lack of care for the area and the people, he says something needs to be done.

"It's totally aggravating and they've stolen at least two trash cans and I know they're in that truck,” Smith said.

Residents who have tried to find a solution say their cries for help have gone unheard.

"Right now it's not a good situation. Neighbors have called police, we have called police, police have refused to do anything they say there's no laws broken,” Greene said.

While residents are frustrated, they are hopeful the people will be able to find a new place to call home. The city said both vehicles have been cited and will be towed by December 24th.

Additionally, the police department’s homeless assistance unit will try and connect the people with appropriate resources.